Remembering Corrine Hare: September 16, 2004- March 30, 2018

Throughout Corrine’s battle with Osteosarcoma, she displayed courage and wisdom well beyond her young age. She greeted each new challenge or setback with grit and determination and always with an attitude of, “I’ve got this.” Corrine always had a smile on her face no matter how bad her pain and nausea, or how tired she was. Her warm smile, as well as her strength, dignity, and determination left a legacy of how special this young woman was.


Corrine holds a special place in the hearts of many in our community. During her two-year battle, the community came together to show Corrine and the Hare family that they were not alone during this difficult journey. Even though her life was cut incredibly short, she touched the lives of many by the way she lived. Corrine’s mom, Maria shares, “Corrine handled her disease with more dignity and grace than most adults from the beginning to the very end when she knew her short life was coming to an end. She was peaceful in her final moments and as soon as she passed she had a smile on her face . I know she was welcomed into heaven with open arms.”


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LUCY T. Restoration 

At 3 years old, Lucy was diagnosed with Pseudoachondroplasio, a condition that affects bone growth, mobility and lower body alignment. On May 15, 2018 Lucy had an Osteotomy at CHOP. Surgeons cut the bones in her upper and lower legs. Through wiring and other methods, they realigned her lower body and brought Lucy the relief she needed.


She spent 6 weeks in a SPICA cast to allow time for her bones to heal. Lucy required frequent physical therapy so that she was able to become the 9 year old she desired so much to be. She aspired to run and keep up with her peers.


Lucy came home from CHOP to a newly renovated room, designed specifically for Lucy and her sister, Olivia, with whom she shared a room. Lucy met with the design team who transformed her room. Words can’t express the joy we all felt when Lucy saw her room for the first time.